I teach how to think clearly about work and life.

I write and create at the intersection of business, work, behaviour, mindset, society and culture. I like using storytelling as a teaching method as often as possible.

Personal story in a nutshell:

39 years old (in 2023), always been curious, loved learning, writing since school. Experienced several struggles in life, including early demise of father which made me responsible for family at a young age. Believer in being optimistic and stepping out of comfort zone.

Professional story in a nutshell:

Tried IIT-JEE multiple times, failed miserably, joined call centre and then eventually quit my job in 2008 to make money online. Started Guiding Media and created the Guiding Tech (GT) brand. GT eventually became one of the best known consumer tech content destinations from India.

The business was totally bootstrapped, with zero debt or funding.

I sold GT to an American firm in 2020 for a handsome amount after a successful 10-year run.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter or email me at abhijeetmk12 at gmail.

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Short and long essays. Exploring various thoughts and ideas with the ultimate goal of helping me (and you) think better and do better.


Entrepreneur turned Writer and Creator. Previously solo-founded a digital media company, built it to millions of visitors & subscribers, and sold to an American firm after 10 years of running it successfully.